AICI Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Liah is the oldest child of a Haitian mother and a Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan father. She always had a love for fashion and design as a child. Changing purchased handbags to suit her style quickly proved this was a problem that others were also facing. It was only natural that at the age of 16, she would decide to draw personal handbag designs to launch her AICI brand. With the help of her parents, Liah was able to contract with one of the most respected leather factories in Italy to bring her designs to life. 

"So much has gone into the sample and production process to bring forth my debut collection. My vision behind each piece, was creating unique designs that can be sporty and glamourous. A collection that truly maintains the versatility of its designs for years to come"

Today, Liah lives happily with her parents and three siblings in sunny South Florida.